Earth911 Podcast: Sustainability in Your Ear

The Earth911 team has a lot to celebrate this year. We’re live on Google Assistant, where you can now ask how and where to recycle materials with a simple “Hey, Google!” Evelyn Fielding-Lopez and Mitch Ratcliffe sit down to talk about the last year and where sustainability is going. Learn how to be environmentally friendly at college — the lessons there will affect a lifetime and can be applied by anyone. We have a lot of confidence that youth will live in greater harmony with the planet. Check out Seattle-based Ridwell, which provides home pickup of batteries, textiles, and plastic film. Adding flexibility to the single-stream waste system is the best hope for increased recycling success.

We also take a look a the sustainability of cannabis farming. As the fast-growing industry evolves, will it embrace sustainability information for consumers? We’d like to see information about recycling on cannabis packaging. For those looking for a natural remedy, we also discuss the benefits of sleep, hydration, and natural medicine to staying healthy.

Of course, we also answer your Earthling Questions. How to organize community action to get recycling services? One of our listeners just lost local recycling and wants to bring it back. What is working with TerraCycle like? Jessica, a listener on Facebook wants to partner with TerraCycle to address mixed materials, such as composite packaging. And what do you do with used antifreeze? Can it be filtered and reused at home?

By Earth911

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