A high density foam will add comfort and height. Photo Source: Dinah Wulf
A high-density foam adds comfort and height. Photo: Dinah Wulf

Step 3: Add a cushion

While the paint was drying, I started creating the cushion using high-density craft foam. I measured the top of the bench, then used the ruler as a straightedge to pencil the dimensions onto the foam. I then cut it out. Next I measured and cut the fabric to fit over the craft foam, taking into account the bench sides and the part I would need to staple.

Pull the fabric taut as you staple it on. Photo Source: Dinah Wulf
Pull the fabric taut as you staple it to the bench. Photo: Dinah Wulf

Step 4: Upholster the cushion

To finish my bench, I laid the fabric print-side down, then I placed the craft foam in the center of the fabric. Then, after making sure the paint had fully dried, I turned the bench upside down and put it on top of the foam. Using a staple gun and heavy-duty staples, I pulled the fabric taut and stapled it to the bench (see the photo above). Pay careful attention to the corners, as they can be tricky.

How to upcycle a garage sale find. Photo Source: Dinah Wulf
The finished product: a fun, comfy bench. Photo: Dinah Wulf

A few hours or so after starting my project, I had a fun, comfy bench that fit perfectly in my guest room at the foot of the bed.