A recycled-magazine frame makes a great gift. Photo: Dinah Wulf
A recycled-magazine frame makes a great gift. Photo: Dinah Wulf

I have always wanted to make something out of magazine pages. With some careful crafting, you can achieve a mix of images and colors that looks quite lovely.

I finally sat down and made a recycled-magazine frame to give to my brother. Although this project was at times slightly tedious, I have to say it was also a lot of fun to make — and the end result was well worth it.

Here’s the four-step process I used to pull this off. Try it out and let me know what you think by sharing feedback in the Comments section.


  • Any frame
  • Old magazines
  • Tape
  • Paper cutter
  • Decoupage medium
  • Small paintbrush

Step 1: Gather magazines

Gather a few magazines that you’ve already read and no longer want. (I say “a few” because I used pages from four different Rolling Stone magazines to get the colors I wanted.) Consider the colors you would like for your frame, then find and cut pages with those colors out of the magazine.

Step 2: Start cutting

Cut the magazine pages into strips. I made the width of my strips the same width as the frame I chose. The frame holds a 3-by-4-inch photo, and each side of the frame is 1 inch wide. I ended up cutting 1-by-7-inch strips out of eight or so magazine pages.

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