ByKimberly Button

Sep 21, 2015
Man home sick.

No matter how awesome you are at living a healthy life, things are going to happen. From muscle aches and motion sickness to allergies and the flu, having a game plan before you start experiencing health-related problems can make all of the difference in easing your misery and quickly getting back to enjoying your life.

Hyland’s safe and natural homeopathic medicines are designed to work in conjunction with your body’s own natural defenses and bring about relief and healing without side effects. The company has been creating natural homeopathic medicines since 1903.

Like cures like

What is homeopathy? Homeopathy works on the premise that “Like Cures Like.” A small amount of a substance that would produce a certain set of symptoms in a healthy individual could actually bring relief to a person that is already exhibiting those symptoms.

One example from Hyland’s is onions. Onions can make a healthy person cry, but a person with a runny nose could find relief with a homeopathic medicine made from onions.

The smallest of doses is delivered through homeopathic medicines, which have been practiced in the United States since the early 1800s.

Hyland’s homeopathic medicines are great to have on hand “just in case.” No one wants to have to go out to the store when the first symptoms of muscle cramps or a sore throat start. The sooner that you can start treating the symptoms, the faster relief from those symptoms will start.

Take, for instance, the flu. This one word can instantly fill you with dread. When you realize that you might have the flu, every minute is precious to start treating the symptoms.

Hyland’s Complete Flu Care, available at the Earth911 store, fights flu naturally.

Natural flu defense

That’s why it’s so important to be prepared long before you think that you  might be exposed to the flu. Sure, it’s more common during the winter months, but the flu virus can be spread at any time of the year. Having a stocked medicine cabinet is important year-round.

Hyland’s Complete Flu Care uses a two-phase action to make you feel better, from minimizing the symptoms at the first signs of the virus, to relieving the symptoms after the initial onset.

  • Aspirin-free
  • Works without side effects
  • Suitable for Children age 6 and older

Hyland’s Complete Flu Care is available at the Earth911 store.

Check out the full line of Hyland’s products available at the Earth911 Store here.

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By Kimberly Button

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