Leonardo DiCaprio and Venturi Automobiles have teamed up to launch the 10th and final Formula E team. Photo: Venturi
Leonardo DiCaprio (second from left) and Venturi Automobiles have teamed up to launch the 10th and final Formula E team. Photo: Venturi

Throughout Leonardo DiCaprio’s romantic career, the actor has been linked to British models, Brazilian models, Israeli models and even a very recent German model.

Which is why it comes as no surprise that this leading man finally bagged himself a brand-new French model. But unlike the ladies from his past, this one comes with a high-performance electric motor capable of reaching speeds well above 135 miles per hour … all with zero emissions.

This past December, longtime environmentalist and Oscar-winning actor DiCaprio announced his new partnership with French-based Venturi Automobiles, the current holder of the world land speed record for an electric vehicle (307 mph) and a leader in manufacturing high-performance, luxury electric vehicles. Together, they’ll enter their own team in the FIA Formula E Championship, the world’s first fully electric race series.

This eco-friendly championship will pit single-seater luxury racecars, powered solely by electric motors, against one another in a zero-emission series that kicks off this September. DiCaprio’s Monaco-based Venturi Grand Prix Formula E Team is one of 10 teams marked to go head-to-head in the races, with each team consisting of two drivers and cars that switch places during the race while the respective 25-minute battery recharges in each off-duty vehicle.

DiCaprio and his co-founding partner Gildo Pallanca Pastor of Venturi Automobiles (along with Bert Hedaya and Francesco Costa), are hoping the races will accelerate the electric vehicle market while promoting clean mobility and sustainability to a new generation of motor enthusiasts.

“The future of our planet depends on our ability to embrace fuel-efficient, clean-energy vehicles,” DiCaprio said in a press release. “Venturi Grand Prix has shown tremendous foresight in their decision to create an environmentally friendly racing team, and I am happy to be a part of this effort.”

Gearing up for a big year of racing, the FIA Championship series will hold races in 10 cities across the world, including Beijing, Los Angeles and London. DiCaprio’s Venturi Grand Prix team will compete against international teams like IndyCar outfits Andretti Autosport and Dragon Racing; Asia’s China Racing, Super Aguri and Mahindra Racing; and European squads Drayson Racing, e.dams, Audi Sport ABT and Virgin Racing.