ByCameron Bartzen

Nov 12, 2014
Crayon Rocks by Just Rocks

My handwriting hasn’t changed since second grade. I remember being forced to write the alphabet repeatedly on lined sheets of paper … I hated every second of it!

So when I heard about Crayon Rocks, a fun way to help kids write better, I was intrigued. They are shaped like a small smooth rock with a divot, forcing the user to utilize the proper pen grip, thus aiding with handwriting development.

Crayon Rocks

Crayon Rocks founder Barbara Lee was gracious enough to send us a large box full of samples. I eagerly tested the tools myself, writing the whole alphabet on a blank sheet of paper. I noticed immediately that some of my worst letters took better form. If I would have had this when I was six, I believe my handwriting today would look like English rather than chicken scratch.

Since its kids who benefit most from this product, I was happy to find a group of children that could put the samples to good use.

We donated the majority of the Crayon Rocks to a program that helps kids with a wide range of disabilities to develop — both mentally and physically. The instructors here are using crayon rocks in their program to help with handwriting and seeing awesome results.

Not only has handwriting improved, but kids who previously were reluctant to practice their writing are now intrigued by the size, shape, and colors of the Crayon Rocks. The kids like them so much that they take the rocks home and continue to work on their handwriting (unknowingly) by simply doodling.

Not only is this product a great tool for your kids, it’s environmentally friendly. Conventional crayons are made in a factory from petroleum and dyed synthetically. Hand-made in the US, Crayon Rocks are made with soy wax and dyed with natural mineral colors.