ByChase Ezell

Jan 23, 2015
Nursery room shelf.
Nursery room shelf. Image courtesy of M Sundstrom.

Most parents of infants are notoriously picky about germs – and understandably so.  Just think of all the objects babies come into contact with; cribs, changing tables and pads, highchairs, car seats, toys and the list goes on and on.

Created by founders Kevin Tibbs and Tim Barklage, Better Life is not your standard green cleaner company. All of Better Life’s products are safe, natural, plant derived and;

  • GMO free
  • Cruelty free
  • Made in the USA
  • Fragrance free
  • Sulfate free
  • Petroleum free

The company has a whole suite of cleaning products.  Company name sound familiar, you say?  Perhaps you caught Kevin and Tim pitching their concept on ABC’s wildly popular Shark Tank.  As is rarely the case on the show, Kevin and Tim had all five sharks fighting to invest in Better Life.  Someone say shark fight!?  The competition to invest in Better Life is a testament to the company’s mission – taking toxins out household cleaners.  Missed that episode?  Catch it here.

Better Life 2am MIRACLE Nursery Cleaner
Better Life 2am MIRACLE Nursery Cleaner

For parents, Better Life’s 2am MIRACLE Nursery Cleaner is both safe for infants and the environment.  Parents themselves, Tibbs & Barklage wanted a nursery cleaner that was safe enough for even the most vulnerable of immune systems.  To demonstrate just how safe their products are to the ‘sharks’, Kevin even sprayed Better Life cleaner in his mouth.

2am MIRACLE Nursery Cleaner is made from plant ingredients, solvent free and pH neutral.  As the name implies (and any parent of an infant can relate to), 2am MIRACLE Nursery Cleaner is a safe and natural way to clean up what Better Life refers to as the 3P’s – Pee, Poop and Puke.

‘Helping tired mom’s and dad’s clean up the 3Ps is the life purpose of 2am Miracle. Just spray, wipe and go back to sleep.’

Gluten free ad hypoallergenic, 2am MIRACLE Nursery Cleaner will remove more germs and bacteria than conventional disinfectants. An added bonus – its’ essential lavender and chamomile oils help both you and baby relax.  Outside the nursery, 2am MIRACLE Nursery Cleaner works great for quick highchair and car seat wipe downs.  Use 2am MIRACLE Nursery Cleaner to pre-spot clothes after that spaghetti masterpiece or diaper explosion.

Interested in just exactly makes up 2am MIRACLE Nursery Cleaner?  The full ingredients list is as follows;

  • Purified water
  • Corn and coconut oil
  • Amino acids (plant sourced) and coconut oil
  • Soap bark
  • Fermented plant extract
  • Chamomile flower
  • Lavender
  • Methylisothiazolinone (less than 0.01%) as preservative

The folks at Better Life even say that 2am MIRACLE Nursery Cleaner works great for messy pet clean-up jobs. No matter how you choose use Better Life’s 2am MIRACLE Nursery Cleaner, rest assured you are cleaning safely, naturally and eco-friendly. Now that’s a better life indeed.

Feature image courtesy of Brian Wolfe

By Chase Ezell

Chase has served in various public relations, communications and sustainability roles. He is a former managing editor for