A staycation can mean different things to different people. To some, a staycation involves staying in one’s own home yet acting as though on vacation; to others, it means staying at a local (eco-friendly!) resort for some R&R. Either way, a staycation simply amounts to vacationing locally. When you’re on a staycation, there is much fun to be had — maybe more than you ever realized — in the city you call home!

Simply Staycation

Here are six things to consider for your next staycation:

1. Explore the grounds

When staying at a local resort, really take advantage of all the amenities you might not get to experience if you were staying at a resort in a place you’ve never visited since sightseeing would take first priority. Enjoy breakfast in bed thanks to a quick call to room service, get a workout in at the property’s fitness center, or inquire about special offerings such as outdoor or beachfront yoga, and get a special treatment, such as a pedicure or a blowout, at the salon. Many resorts offer fun activities for families as well as kids’ camps so the adults can have a little one-on-one time while the kids are engaged in fun activities with others their own age.

Tel Aviv Museum of Art.
Tel Aviv Museum of Art. Image courtesy of amira_a.

2. Tour a museum

Visiting a touted museum or touring a famous monument would be among the top things on your agenda when visiting a new city. But have you visited the amazing attractions in your own city? Probably not. Make a list of some of the more unique sights and attractions your town has to offer — art, music or children’s museums, zoos and historical monuments, and try to visit at least one or two during your staycation. Maybe there is even a recycling museum in your town!

3. Get some sleep … or at least some rest

This may sound like kind of a bore, but it’s essential since so many of us are actually sleep-deprived. When you’re traveling for vacation, you may be too “busy” with that aforementioned sightseeing that tourists often pack into their trips that you may be even more tired when you return. The beauty of a staycation is you truly can just sit and relax without feeling like you’re missing out on something. OK, even if you’re not the type to sleep in until 9 a.m., we encourage you to lounge under a pool umbrella with a good book (or a good umbrella drink, minus the plastic straw), get a relaxing massage or kick back in a hammock.

Dinner with friends
Dinner with friends. Image courtesy of Harold Navarro.

4. Get together with friends

It’s fair to say that you’ve set aside “free time” for your staycation, right? So why not use some of that time to reconnect with friends that you don’t get to see often enough in your busy life? Perhaps your friends can join you at the resort’s signature restaurant or you can take in a theater performance or comedy club together. Or simply invite them over for a casual meal, a few cocktails and a round of cards. Spending time with friends is one of the best ways to unwind and enjoy your time off.

5. Go to a festival

Practically every city around the globe has a festival that it’s known for — does yours? We’re willing to bet that with a little research, you’re likely to discover some really fun and unique festivals occurring in your town. Whether it’s a celebration of culture, food or music, city festivals bring likeminded people together to enjoy a common interest. Festivals are perfect for enjoying the outdoors, a staycation must, and learning something new about a community that exists in your own backyard.

6. Unplug (no, really…)

This one is perhaps the most important. Because regardless of how you decide to spend your staycation, it’s not really a vacation unless you truly step away from the office (even your virtual one) by not checking and responding to emails or texts or answering voicemail messages. Everyone deserves a break, and it’s today’s constant accessibility, even after hours, that make vacations (even if you never go anywhere at all) that much more necessary.

Feature image courtesy of Matthew Paulson

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