I love receiving the family-photo Christmas cards I get from my friends. The cards are great, showcasing my friends and their families as they change over the years. The whole family is dressed up and looking their best. The only problem is that the cards sit in a drawer, get tucked away in a box, or even eventually get tossed in the recycle bin. And I feel horrible throwing them away! So I decided to upcycle them into something that I can look at every day: bottle-cap magnets. Making these Christmas-card bottle-cap magnets, I literally turned trash (the bottle caps, not the photos) into treasure.

This project took me some time — days, in fact. Why? Because I, of course, took the cheap route! I chose to use decoupage medium because it was already in my craft closet. For quicker results, you can use resin or other mediums.


  • Bottle caps
  • Decoupage medium
  • Old pictures
  • A half-inch circle craft punch
  • Magnets
  • Strong adhesive, such as E 6000

Step One

First, fill each bottle cap three-quarters full with decoupage medium. Gently lift and tap the cap on your counter to even and smooth out the glue. This also helps eliminate small air bubbles. Set the caps aside for a while. (I waited 24 hours.)  Meanwhile, use the craft punch to punch out the pictures that you want to use.

Step Two

Your first layer of glue should have hardened slightly. Put another small dab of glue on top of that first layer and then insert your photo. Add a second layer of glue. Again, gently tap the bottle cap on a hard surface to even and smooth out the glue. Allow the second layer to dry. (This time, I waited 48 hours.)

Step Three

Next, attach the magnets to the back of the bottle cap using a strong adhesive. The glue will dry completely clear over time (approximately 48 to 72 hours).

You could also package these cute magnets in a small treat bag with a personalized label and give them as homemade gifts!