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Seriously, what did we do before Google? Not only do we have information on virtually everything under, on and above the sun, but we also now have data and trends.

The folks at SaveOnEnergy have collected and mined this Google Trends Search Volume data – putting together this awesome infographic below titled  ‘Which States Care Most About The Environment?‘ which they’ve graciously shared with our readers.  Sharing is caring!

Ever wonder which U.S. state searches ‘how to recycle‘ most often? How about searching ‘how to reuse‘ most often?Well, now you have those answers!  Using Google Trends, SaveOnEnergy collected 12 months worth of commonly searched environmentally friendly phrases and terms. With that information, they were then able to gauge state-level interest in green activities such as;

We have a feeling that many of our now loyal Earth911 readers were some of those ‘searching’ for the above information!

When it comes to reuse, here’s what the data showed, “Old bottles can become candleholders; empty egg cartons can store holiday ornaments. Reusing is all the rage for eco-conscious Americans. When it comes to the phrase “how to reuse,” a high cost of living may explain the top two results: California took the lead, followed by Hawaii. Washington State, Georgia, and Utah rounded out the top five.”

Check out the infographic below for all kinds of information.  You just might be surprised what you find! Is your state represented?


Feature image courtesy of Giuseppe Milo

By Chase Ezell

Chase has served in various public relations, communications and sustainability roles. He is a former managing editor for