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Earth911’s Mitch Ratcliffe talks with Charles Brennick, director of Business Development and eCommerce at Seattle-based 3R Technology, an electronics recycling company that also refurbishes and resells PCs, laptops, phones, and monitors. He explains the two major recycling standards, e-Stewards and R2, and how devices are handled after people send them. Brennick also outlines the valuable materials in old electronics and how R3 refurbishes and sells PCs, phones, monitors, and motherboards, extending their useful life and reduce the need for raw materials.

E-waste accounts for 53.6 million tons of waste annually as of 2019 and is expected to rise to 74 million tons by 2030 — twice the amount discarded just seven years ago. Only 17.4% of the e-waste was recycled, so your decision to recycle old tech can contribute to changing the electronics industry for the better.

Charles Brennick of 3R Techology
Charles Brennick of 3R Technology is our guest on Earth911’s Sustainability in Your Ear.

R3 Technology’s SimplEcycle program provides a free mailing label and, if needed, a box to send multiple PCs or phones. The company has developed a discount program to help get PCs and phones to low-income kids and nonprofit organizations.

Take a few minutes to learn how to give your old computer or phone a second life — if you have devices you’d like to recycle, request a free shipping label from 3R Technology and get started.

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