Anna Yona, co-founder with her husband of Engelskirchen, Germany-based Wildling Shoes, talks with Earth911’s Mitch Ratcliffe about making shoes that are easier on the planet. Wildling makes a wide range of shoes for women, men, and kids. The company practices sustainable design and manufacturing using a minimalist design philosophy that produces a light, comfortable, and durable shoe.

A Certified B Corp., Wildling is working to reinvent shoes after Anna and her husband, Ran, started the company in response to their frustration with the shoes available for their children. They work continually to reduce the environmental impact of their shoes, which are handmade in factories selected for their environmental and labor practices. Many shoemakers are taking important steps toward sustainability, and Wildling is a leader.

Anna Yona, co-founder of Wildling Shoes,
Anna Yona, co-founder of Wildling Shoes, is our guest on Sustainability in Your Ear.

We recently tested a pair of Panther high-cut shoes from Wildling Shoes and named it a Greener Shopping Difference Maker. These high-cut shoes are made with certified organic cotton, hemp, and synthetic and recycled rubber and cork soles. On our scale of three degrees of sustainability, “Difference Maker” is the second level and represents a product that reduces environmental impacts by at least 50% compared to traditional designs. These shoes are better for the planet.

In 2020, Wildling’s shoes averaged 0.258 pounds of Scope 1 and 2 emissions per pair. Since Scope 3 emissions typically account for 90% or more of the total carbon emissions associated with a product, we estimated that the total carbon footprint of the average pair of Wildling shoes is about 4.5 pounds per pair.

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