Jan 25, 2019
Earth911 Podcast Innovator Interview

Editor’s note: This is the first in a series of interviews with sustainability and recycling publications we admire. is a community that draws inspiration from the world and people who consciously choose to make planet-positive decisions. We will be talking with green writers and producers who deserve your attention.

Greg Seaman, the founder of, dares to live his values. He, his wife, and son moved to an island off the Pacific Northwest coast more than 30 years ago. They lived off-grid and raised a family in a home they built from recovered wood. The Seamans settled into a comfortably challenging existence, living lightly on the Earth.

Greg Seaman, founder of
Greg Seaman, founder of

In 2000, Greg launched to share his experience and offer island-tested sustainable products. Building his community, both on the island and in business, Greg created an income for a dozen people. In this podcast, he talks with Mitch Ratcliffe of Earth911 about the transition to off-grid living, how rural practices can enliven and make cities sustainable, and the problem of educating people about the environment.

EarthEasy takes a personal approach to the problem of living sustainably. Featuring great essays and how-to guides, such as this wonderful explanation about the best choices for materials and how to construct a raised cedar bed. The EarthEasy site provides regular postings on zero-waste living, greenhouse maintenance, and natural insect pest control, among many other topics.

Greg and his family also started an online store where they sell products from around the world that pass their own testing in everyday life. They offer green home, kitchen and dining, yard and garden, and off-the-grid preparation products that have passed muster in their homes. The folks at EarthEasy leave no stone unturned when reviewing products and reject more than 20 times the number of products they decide to sell. It’s a site worth visiting whenever you have a tough sustainability question.

Listen to “Earth911 Podcast, Jan. 23, 2019:’s Greg Seaman Talks Off-The-Grid Living” on Spreaker.

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