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Director Joe Gantz’s new film, The Race to Save the World, captures the energy and personal emotional challenges faced by people to take direct action as part of the climate protest movement. It follows the stories of protesters who blocked oil trains and oil drilling equipment in Washington state; Michael Foster, the activist who shut down the Keystone pipeline in North Dakota; Aji Piper, a young environmentalist from Seattle who sued demanding state environmental protections be enforced, and; a grandmother who marched across the country to raise awareness about the climate, among others. Each of these dedicated and sometimes terrified activists sacrificed their personal lives, and in some cases their freedom, to fight climate change. Gantz’s film captures the unique personal costs and collective energy that animates protest.

Filmmaker Joe Gantz
Filmmaker Joe Gantz is our guest on Sustainability In Your Ear.

Gantz is known for Taxicab Confessions, American Winter, and the recent film Ending Disease. The Race to Save the World will be released on Earth Day 2021 at select independent theaters and nonprofit events. The documentary will be available six weeks later for streaming on Amazon, Google Play, and other streaming services. Learn when and how to watch this intimate documentary about the people fighting for the planet.

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