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Theresa Carter launched an online petition calling on Target Stores to eliminate single-use plastic bags that has gathered more than 310,000 signatures. She talks with Earth911 about how she got the petition started.

Beginning with her choice to put the petition on and sharing her call to action with friends on Facebook and her local physical community, Carter’s story is a roadmap for customers who care to begin their own campaigns for changes in retail sustainability.

You can sign the petition at

Target is already the leading retailer using solar in its stores but has not addressed the impact of its single-use plastic shopping bags. Carter’s positive approach toward Target, based on the idea that she and other environmentally aware customers will love shopping the stores more if they get rid the plastic bag, has resulted in positive responses to the campaign by company executives. 

Theresa Carter also shared her approach to customer activism in a posting we published today to accompany this podcast.

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