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The Sustana Group is a pioneer in paper recycling. The company’s Rolland division started producing recycled paper decades ago and now provides annual sustainability and production lifecycle assessments of its supply chain to ensure customers have all the necessary environmental information to make a carbon-aware purchase. Today, Sustana Fiber is partnered with Starbucks and other food packaging makers to capture and separate plastic and paper fibers used in wet packaging such as coffee cups and microwaveable food dishes.

Earth911’s Mitch Ratcliffe talks with Sustana Group’s senior marketing director, Michele Bartolini, about the power consumers have to shape an industry’s production process. She shares how consumers can identify recycled paper products to support environmentally resonsible products. They also discuss the role of technology in creating more efficient and carbon-neutral products and lifecycles. You can check how purchasing Rolland products will impact your personal or organizational footprint with the company’s Eco-Calculator

Listen to “Earth911 Podcast, March 11, 2019: Sustana Group Aims for 100% Paper Recycling” on Spreaker.

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