Earth911 Podcast, May 31, 2019: Salesforce Pioneers Carbon-Neutral Business

Listen to “Earth911 Podcast, May 31, 2019: Salesforce Pioneers Carbon-Neutral Business” on Spreaker.

Sunya Norman, director of sustainability at, joins Earth911 to talk about the customer relationship management (CRM) company’s pursuit of carbon-neutral operations. Since its founding, Salesforce has broken new ground in the cloud and ways of doing business.

CRM services are used by companies to build deeper interactions with their customers, and Salesforce’s leadership in sustainability is permeating its clients’ businesses, too. While Salesforce won’t reach full carbon neutrality by 2023, it already purchases carbon offsets to eliminate its remaining carbon emissions. It eliminated greenhouse gas emissions in 2017, making its cloud services one of the few carbon-neutral options for online services.

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