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Earth911 talks with Paul Bloom, vice president of Sustainable Materials at Archer Daniels Midland (ADM), about the company’s sustainability goals and changes to how they make food and plant-based products. Because of its global reach, ADM has been investing in creating sustainable alternatives to synthetic and petroleum-based materials.

Paul Bloom, vice president of Sustainable Materials at Archer Daniels Midland.

Bloom leads the company’s efforts to develop new renewable, plant-based sustainable solutions for food production and ingredients used in personal care, paint, and a variety of industrial products. ADM is pursuing partnerships to produce alternatives to the chemical products corporate customers rely on to make everything from glue to biofuels. Paul and his team developed a molecule from fructose to replace the plastic used in water bottles and a polymer made from acrylic acid that makes diapers more sustainable.

ADM has announced sustainability goals to reduce its waste by 90%, GHG emissions by 25%, energy intensity by 15%, and water usage by 10% by 2035, which they shared in its recent annual sustainability report. To follow ADM’s projects toward a more sustainable market, visit them at During the conversation, Paul mentioned that you can search for plant-based products using the Plant Based Products Council database, a useful resource when you are planning to shop sustainably.

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