Ben Cohen, founder and CEO of Quoll Intelligence, explains how homeowners can assess the climate-related risks for their home and community. Quoll is a service for homeowners “dedicated to helping homes and homeowners become more resilient.” It delivers a climate risk report for single-family homes that explains the likelihood of sea level rise, flooding, wildfire, and other climate impacts. Quoll can help assess a home when shopping or to plan a maintenance program that keeps your home prepared for disaster or lesser climate issues, as well as preserve the value of the building. Ben also discusses the uninsurability issues facing large parts of Florida and other flood- and wildfire-prone areas.

Ben Cohen, founder and CEO of Quoll Intelligence
Ben Cohen, founder and CEO of Quoll Intelligence, is our guest on Sustainability in Your Ear.

The impact of climate change has become plainly clear. We see it in extreme weather events, such as Hurricane Fiona, floods in Kentucky, or the Texas snow storms that brought the state’s electric grid to its knees. But most people have little idea about the impact of global warming on their homes and the buildings they own. By making improvements, homeowners can increase or preserve the value of their homes even as climate change gets worse. You can learn more about Quoll Intelligence and see your free home risk report at

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