Robert Pasin, chief wagon of Radio Flyer, discusses the benefits and process of becoming a B Corp. Radio Flyer makes, in addition to the wagons we know from our childhoods, tricycles, scooters, inflatables, adult e-bikes, and a suite of Tesla electric toy vehicles. It became the first global toy and e-bike brand to become a certified B Corp., the emerging corporate form that recognizes business can have an environmental and social mission in addition to the goal of turning a profit. Achieving B Corp status is a rigorous undertaking that requires the adoption of responsible labor, social, and environmental practices. It provides successful companies with tax and other advantages, along with a sterling reputation that attracts, in particular, young workers.

Robert Pasin, CEO and chief wagon officer at Radio Flyer
Robert Pasin, CEO and chief wagon officer at Radio Flyer, is our guest on Sustainability in Your Ear.

Robert’s grandfather, Antonio Pasin, founded Radio Flyer in 1917. Robert spent several years teaching sixth grade in Chicago before joining the company. He explains why Radio Flyer “went B” and how the process has reshaped what his team works on and the criteria they apply to decision-making. We also explore Radio Flyer’s new line of e-bikes and how it will sell cargo e-bikes and other equipment to local delivery companies. You can learn more about Radio Flyer at

This podcast originally aired on October 28, 2022.

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