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Most of us still struggle to get our heads around the science of climate change, but the impacts are clearly felt almost every day somewhere in the United States. In June 2021, USAFacts reports, 97 million people in the United States experienced hotter than average temperatures, including record-shattering heat in the West. In August, the data shows 84.8 million Americans — a third of the country — were still suffering from higher than average temperatures. Understanding how persistent but distributed the impact of the climate crisis is helps us internalize the need to make changes in our life.

USAFacts' U.S. temperature visualization
USAFacts’ U.S. temperature visualization is one of many climate reports discussed on this episode of Sustainability in Your Ear.

Our guest, Tanveer Ali, is a data visualization analyst at USAFacts. The Bellevue, Washington-based nonprofit, founded by former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, recently introduced a convenient way to keep tabs on the consequences of the climate crisis, the Climate in the U.S. experience. It provides regularly updated visualizations of a variety of U.S. climate statistics and useful insights into how life is changing for our neighbors.

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