Earth911 Podcast Innovator Interview

Meet Zero Hour movement Youth Ambassadors Lindy Feaster and Lyne Odhiambo. They talk with host Mitch Ratcliffe about the No Youth, No Truth project, a multi-generational project to share stories of underrepresented youth and low-income communities suffering the brunt of climate and environmental disasters.

This August, the No Youth, No Truth project will train youth spokespeople to connect with media, pitch stories, and address climate policy issues as well as counter misinformation. The climate crisis affects all of us but it is youth, their children, and future generations who face the worst climate change impacts during their lifetimes. If we do not address climate change now, the planet’s carrying capacity for human life, along with many other species, will collapse, leaving our descendants in a battle for survival.

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Zero Hour Youth Ambassadors Lindy Feaster and Lyne Odhiambo are our guests on Sustainability in Your Ear.

You can get involved, too, at or send email to Consider joining or donating to support No Youth, No Truth to create a much wider dialog about climate change and climate policy.

By Earth911

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