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Steve Groff, author of The Future-Proof Farm and creator of widely used regenerative farming techniques known as cover-cropping, joins Earth911. He talks with us about the importance of improving soil health and explains the changing relationship between the farm and grocery store.

America lost more than one-third of its topsoil during the last 150 years, and Steve says his technique mimics nature to restore all the carbon, living organisms, and nutrients that are lost by modern farming in just 20 to 30 years. By planting year-round and minimizing tilling, Steve’s approach to regenerative farming provides better crop yields for farmers and healthier food for consumers.

Steve Groff, author of The Future-Proof Farm
Author Steve Groff

Eventually, these changes in the fields will transform the entire process of growing, harvesting, and moving produce from the farm to the store shelves.

We also talk about what it takes to be an honest marketer in the age of sustainable farming. It starts with being honest; marketers and farmers need to keep their word and avoid exaggerating their sustainability claims.

Take some time to read Steve Groff’s book to learn how cover-cropping – planting fallow fields to keep the soil alive – can help a farm become more sustainable, improve its output, and thrive financially. Many companies, such as General Mills and Wrangler, have adopted Steve’s method in their supply chain.

Check out Steve Groff at and buy his book The Future-Proof Farm to learn more about his cover-cropping technique.

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