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Sustainability and eco-friendly are big buzzwords in today’s retail market. But when it comes to putting these core values into practice, many companies are all talk and little action. However, the following fashion brands do it better than most in the business, with a true commitment to ethical production and use of sustainable materials. Sustainable fashion is possible, and here are six brands offering it to the market.

Six brands practicing sustainable fashion

Stella McCartney

As a lifelong vegetarian, sustainability and sustainable fashion comes naturally to Stella McCartney. It’s one of the core principles that guides her fashion house and she aims to do every little bit that she can to make every garment produced as environmentally responsible as possible. In order to do so, McCartney works with ethical manufacturers, uses organic fabric and, perhaps most famously, does not use fur in any of her products.


This brand has long been regarded a one of the top names in sunglasses, with timeless styles driving sales decade after decade. Ray Ban’s approach to timeless design has turned many fashion devotees into Aviator, Wayfarer and Clubmaster devotees, who have renounced the habit of disposable fashion for a commitment to a single pair of shades. And really, of the three R’s, reducing waste is the most important.

6 Brands That Offer Sustainable Fashion (Ray Ban)
In an effort to embrace sustainable fashion, Ray-Ban offers Clubmaster sunglasses with sustainably sourced wooden frames. Image Credit: maradon 333 / Shutterstock

In an effort to embrace sustainable fashion, Ray-Ban also offers Clubmaster sunglasses with wooden frames. This eco-chic design also features rubber inner frames for optimal comfort.


This Parisian sneaker brand has developed a cult following in recent years among high fashion types. Environmental protection and human rights are some of the company’s core values and they exclusively work with small-batch producers in Brazil in order to maintain these brand values. The sustainable fashion brand doesn’t even advertise in effort to conserve natural resources. Veja doesn’t produce overstock like other brands, instead, producing only what they know will sell. With a strong commitment to carbon dioxide reduction, Veja transports products from Brazil to France via boat rather than by air.

Matt & Nat

Faux leather, or vegan leather, often gets a bad rap for looking like a cheap imposter of its inspiration. However, anyone who shakes their head at the concept of vegan leather clearly hasn’t seen the accessories collection from Matt & Nat. Short for materials and nature, Matt & Nat is a brand that is equal parts style and sustainability, offering what may possibly be the most luxe-looking leather-inspired small accessories on the market today.

All bags are constructed from the highest quality vegan leather and are lined with fabric made from recycled plastic bottles. They also feature other sustainable materials such as rubber recycled nylon, cork and even recycled bicycle tires. Even their production factories are rigorously monitored to ensure the highest ethical standards go into product creation through every step of the process.


Specializing in designing and producing ethically and sustainably made jewelry and accessories, Made has truly made a positive impact on the world with its sustainable fashion contributions. Designs are hand-crafted in Kenya by a team of over 60 local artisans. Made has a firm dedication to providing ethical employment, fair wages and plenty of training to help their team learn the skills they need to better themselves. And with collaborations with huge fashion names like Louis Vuitton, Edun, Tommy Hilfiger and Topshop, it’s clear that the fashion world is taking note of Made as well.


Ali Hewson and her husband, U2 legend, Bono, founded high fashion label Edun in 2005. The brand has a strong commitment to ethical production and sustainable growth. Over 95 percent of Edun’s line is manufactured in Africa, where the brand supports community initiatives and has partnered with numerous local artisans and artists. The goal of Edun is to encourage trade development in Africa.  And, with all of the work experience locals are getting with this modern, luxury brand, it’s only a matter of time before other brands follow suit and bring more business to the continent. Editor’s note: In 2018, after 13 years of operation, Edun ceased operations.


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