ByChrystal Johnson

Aug 26, 2016
ThermalTech Solar Powered Jacket

You’ve heard of solar-powered homes and solar-powered devices, but have you heard of a solar-powered jacketThermalTech is changing the way we look at fabric with its new patented energy-absorbing technology.

How ThermalTech got started

ThermalTech was co-founded by Carlos Cortes Manica and Fatima Rocha Arguelles with a shared goal to impact people’s lives positively through technology. They began by making solar technology for the solar water heater industry, but they were always inventing new ways to use materials in the area of solar.

ThermalTech has a group of seven passionate engineers that is led by one of the best scientists in Mexico. She recently won the Mexico National Science Academy award. Her PhD thesis on solar coatings, along with the team’s desire to find new ways to harness energy from the sun, is the foundation for ThermalTech’s innovative fabric design.

ThermalTech is currently patented in more than 10 countries. The team was trying to find the best use for their technology for a few years when they were awarded first place as Best Technological Startup at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Morocco among 1,000 contestants. Today, they’re bringing their technology to us through their ThermalTech jackets.

“We are very excited to bring this technology to market,” said Fatima Rocha, co-founder of ThermalTech. “Our goal is to help people stay warm in any environment without having to sacrifice fashion and comfort.”

How ThermalTech is different from traditional fabrics

ThermalTech Solar Powered JacketTraditional coats and jackets are designed to recycle body heat and slowly warm you up. In contrast, ThermalTech fabric is designed to capture the sun’s ultraviolet rays and energy from artificial light sources to convert and store as heat. This stored heat can increase the in-clothing temperature by 18°F (10°C) in only two minutes, even when it’s cold outside.

While most heat-storing materials are heavy and bulky, ThermalTech fabric is super lightweight, so you can say goodbye to bulky jackets. Now you can have a more fashionable look, even on the coldest winter day. The paper-thin fabric is made from stainless steel mesh threads, which makes it strong and durable in addition to being lightweight — lending to a longer lifespan for the fabric. The water-repellent fabric is easily embedded in any clothing type, from jackets to pants, and is machine washable.

“We believe that by introducing this solar-absorbing fabric into the apparel marketplace, the next generation of outerwear will provide the consumer with even more of an optimal temperature and fit,” said Carlos Cortes, CEO of ThermalTech.  “This will allow everyone from the snowboarder to the fashionista to be warmer in colder climates.”

Solar-powered jacket even works at night

You might be wondering if a solar-powered jacket can work at night. Tests prove that ThermalTech fabric can reflect your own body heat in addition to capturing energy from sunlight or artificial light. This is possible due to infrared light, which can’t be seen by the human eye. This undetectable light can be converted into heat. So when the sun goes down for the night, the ThermalTech fabric acts like a shield between your body and the environment. And, your body transforms infrared and UV light into extra body heat.

Don’t worry — you won’t overheat

Even though the ThermalTech smart fabric stores up energy to keep you warm, you won’t overheat. The fabric maintains your body temperature once you reach the optimal level. It works under the same principle as how your body cools itself when you exercise. At a certain point, your body will begin to expel and radiate the extra energy that is being created. The same happens with ThermalTech smart fabric technology because it understands when it’s time to expel energy.

ThermalTech solar-powered jackets on Indiegogo

You can now get ThermalTech fabric on Indiegogo in its very first use: jackets. ThermalTech jackets are breathable, waterproof and slim down the traditional bulky winter look. There are three different jacket styles available for both women and men that can be used for a range of outdoor activities such as shopping, running errands, walking around town, jogging, hiking, snowboarding and camping.

ThermalTech Solar Powered Jacket

Street-style jacket

The Street ThermalTech jacket is fashion inspired, and is offered in three colors for men and three colors for women. It’s made with waterproof and windbreaker fabric featuring deep front pockets and one inner pocket. It works great in temperatures from 32-50° F (0-10° C). The Street jacket allows even the most discerning fashionista to keep warm without compromising their style. It’s perfect for running errands around town or a night out on the town.

Explorer-style jacket

The Explorer ThermalTech jacket is designed for casual everyday use and also comes in three colors for men and three colors for women. It’s made from waterproof and wind-breaking fabric and features a waist zipper, deep exterior pockets and strategically placed inner pockets to carry your wallet, mountain pass or cell phone. It comes with a removable hoodie and exits for your headphones. It’s perfect for staying warm in any outdoor setting or situation and is great for camping, hiking and fishing. The Explorer jacket works great in temperatures from 30-55° F (1-10° F).

Extreme-style jacket

The Extreme ThermalTech jacket is intended for outdoor sports ,and you have the choice of three colors for men and three colors for women. If you’re hitting the slopes on a snowboard or skis, you will be able to say goodbye to 2 to 3 pounds of weight and bulk without sacrificing warmth, as this jacket works great in temperatures ranging from -4 to 14° F (-10 to -20° C). It’s made with waterproof and windbreaker fabric and features a waist zipper, deep exterior pockets and strategically placed inner pockets to carry your wallet, mountain pass or cell phone. The Extreme jacket comes with a removable hoodie and exits for your headphones.

Each style is available on Indiegogo in several popular colors and sizes S, M, L, XL and XXL. The jackets also offer a one-year warranty. There are currently a limited number of early bird specials of 50 percent off MSRP on all jackets, so pop over to Indiegogo to choose the style that’s right for your lifestyle.

Do you see a solar-powered jacket in your future?

By Chrystal Johnson

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