Learn how to recycle CDs and Tapes in your area using the Earth911 recycling search.

As you update your DVD or CD collection and discard old titles, remember that these items can contain hazardous materials that need to be disposed of properly. If you are looking for a location to recycle CDs and Tapes scroll to the bottom of this page and use the recycling locator to find a location near you.

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Frequent CD & Tape Recycling Questions

Can CDs or tapes go in the curbside bin?

CDs are considered to be plastic #7, a catch-all category for many different types of products. Typically, materials made of this type of plastic cannot go into curbside recycling programs.

The plastic casing on tapes is the same kind of plastic, and the tape inside is not typically recyclable. Your best bet is to donate your working media to charities or resale shops.

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Can scratched CDs be repaired?

Scratched CDs and DVDs can typically be patched if the damage isn’t too extreme. One method includes using toothpaste to polish CDs and remove light scratches, and others involve store-bought products. Either way, maintaining what you already own is always more favorable to throwing products away that can still be used.

Are there cool reuse projects for CDs and tapes?

Definitely. Because these materials are harder to recycle, creative reuse ideas are always springing up. Check out these 10 reuse ideas for CDs and this artist who creates portraits from old cassettes to jumpstart your own innovative ideas.

Is there anywhere to sell old CDs and tapes?

If your CDs and tapes still work, reselling at local music stores and thrift shops can be an easy way to sell your older media where you live.

There are some online services that will purchase your old CDs and DVDs, but cassettes do not have as many digital resale options due to their lower demand. Ebay, Craigslist, Freecycle.org and even an ol’ fashioned garage sale may be the trick for tapes.

How do I recycle my VHS and Cassette Tapes?

VHS and Cassette tapes are one of the most difficult household products to recycle. It takes a significant amount of work to take each tape apart and the material in each individual tape isn’t worth much when it comes to recycling. For this reason many places that accept tapes for recycling will charge a small fee per tape. If you aren’t able to find anyone near you that will accept tapes for recycling you caan ship your tapes to GreenDisk and they will take care of recycling it for you.

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Learn how to recycle CDs and Tapes in your area using this recycling search by Earth911.