Find a location to recycle motor oil and filters in your area

Looking to recycle motor oil? We’ve got you covered. Old motor oil can be refined, reconditioned or reprocessed to become usable again. An oil filter is made of three basic items: paper, steel and plastic. All of these items are recyclable when sent to the proper recycling outlet. Fortunately, if you need to recycle motor oil or oil filters most auto shops and supply stores will accept them for recycling.

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Frequent Used Motor Oil & Filters Recycling Questions

I changed my own oil and filter. Can I throw them in the trash?

No, do not throw your used oil or filters in the trash or down a drain. According to the EPA, used oil from one oil change has the power to contaminate 1,000,000 gallons of water. Oil is toxic and is slow to degrade in the environment.

Where can I recycle used motor oil and filters?

The best places to recycle them are service stations or auto shops. To find ones in your area, jump to the recycling locator.

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Find out how and where to recycle motor oil and oil filters in your area using this recycling locator by Earth911.