Cardboard surfboard

What do extreme sports equipment and corrugated cardboard have in common? We know, seemingly nothing.

But, the combined creative ingenuity of the design team at Ernest Packaging Solutions and the makers of Signals Snowboards have bridged that gap between paper, snowboards and surfboards. Hang on tight, this story is about to get gnarly!

But doesn’t cardboard get wet!?

Cardboard surfboard

Ernest Cardboard Chaos is a series created by the duo, featuring episodes geared toward creating completely new uses for corrugated paper. From the beaches of Huntington, to the mountains of Colorado, professional sports extremists have tested out these completely recyclable boards and couldn’t believe they were riding Mother Nature’s bounty — on mere paper.

“We love these challenges. This is what we dream about because we love to show people that it is more than just a brown box.” Ernest Packaging President Tim Wilson said of the projects.

A day of brainstorming and with the help of professionals, the designs for these paper boards literally came to life. For each board, five plies of corrugated and honeycombed cardboard where encased in polyurethane to set, enforce and waterproof the boards.

Cardboard surf board

Both boards worked great and they all only cost around $14 to make!

Still having a hard time believing what you are reading? What about what your are seeing?

Take a look at the behind the scenes videos for the Totally Disposable Paper Snowboard and Ernest’s Cardboard Surfboard

If you’re looking for a packaging partner who can protect your products from collisions, moisture, temperature extremes or extreme sports, contact Ernest Packaging Solutions today!

Cardboard surfboard

Written by Brian Porter, Vice President of Client Relations for Ernest Packaging Solutions.  All imagery provided courtesy of Ernest Packaging Solutions.


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