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Looking for a chance to change the world through fashion? Only 15 percent of clothes, shoes and accessories are recycled each year, the remaining 85 percent, 10.5 million tons, ends up in landfills.

Reformation and Community Recycling are inspiring consumers to recycle for reuse through Community Recycling’s new online program, CR Home, which has been tailored specifically for Reformation customers. Starting today, eco-fashion consumers will get their chance to impact the environment when they join Reformation and Community Recycling in the reuse movement, aiming to keep clothes out of the landfills and to be recycled for reuse so fashion statements can live on.

The clothing recycling program, called RefRecycling, allows recyclers to pack their gently used clothes, shoes and accessories in a box, and leave the package for pick-up by their mail carrier – free of charge, and all in the convenience of their homes. Recyclers can track their items online to see where their clothes, shoes, and accessories find their next home, and share their personal environmental impact with their social networks.

“We’re always trying to think of new ways of becoming a more sustainable company, and with RefRecyling we can also help our customers be more sustainable,” said Yael Aflalo, founder of Reformation.  “Making sure that the clothes they buy are made sustainably is obviously a priority. But it’s also important to help them with garment care and what to do with their old clothes when they’re over them, and to make that as easy as it possibly can be. Luckily we found CR, who’s the perfect partner for this project.”

“We’re thrilled to partner with Reformation, a forward-thinking brand that champions sustainability and offers its customers the chance to lessen their footprint while looking great,” said Ira Baseman, president and founder of Community Recycling. “By offering CR Home online, Reformation will help us advance the personal connections that are made through reuse as well as the economic value, social good and environmental impact.”

Reformation is a revolutionary lifestyle brand that proves fast fashion, sustainability and local manufacturing can co-exist in a beautiful way. Based in Los Angeles, Reformation makes effortlessly cool silhouettes that celebrate the feminine figure for the confident and the chic. Home to the first sustainable sewing factory in the U.S., Reformation infuses green measures into every aspect of the brand. From recycled and eco fabrics to a heat reflecting roof and clean energy in the factory, to recycled hangers in stores and eco-friendly packaging for at-home shipments, Reformation offers thoughtfully produced clothing at an affordable price – a reminder that being green shouldn’t mean sacrificing style and quality.

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