Washingtonians wonder the most about how to recycle, Texans are all about reuse ideas, and residents of Leesburg, Virginia, are curious about solar power. That, and much more, is revealed in the “States That Care About the Planet” report released last week.

To create the report, Amigo Energy ran an analysis of Google Trends data and state statistics and found some interesting things. For instance, air quality was on the minds of Utahans — where Salt Lake City is home to some of the worst air quality in the country — and California was the top state interested in carpooling.

“I think the conversation surrounding renewable energy and the need for sustainable lifestyles is much larger than the way we currently think of it,” said Trent Morrison, a content strategist for Amigo Energy. “We need to continue connecting to people and exploring the social interest in sustainability and green living if we’re ever going to move forward in a way that is good for the planet and good for the people living on it.”

As the Salt Lake City results showed, searching for a sustainability-related term did not necessarily mean an area was progressive on that topic.

“Even though there might be a large group of people who are trying to learn more about a subject, there’s often a separate entity leading the charge,” said Melissa Talcott, a project manager for Just Energy Group, of which Amigo Energy is a subsidiary. “We believe this information could be useful as corporations and government agencies work to implement programs and policies that support renewables and sustainable lifestyles.”

Here are more findings:

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