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We all know that DIY living is a great way to save money. All you need to buy are a few basic supplies, but organic coconut oil and lavender can be pricey. How can you save even more money on those quality essentials?  One company believes it has found the magic formula.

DIY living

LuckyVitamin - DIY Living
LuckyVitamin is your one-stop-online-shop for all your DIY living and homesteading needs.

Striving to bring good health to the masses, LuckyVitamin offers a huge variety of health and wellness products at an exceptional value. Unlike other affordable health product web sites and big box stores, LuckyVitamin does not require membership fees.  And, you can decrease your carbon footprint with a one-stop-online-shop for all your DIY living and homesteading needs.

Three generations strong

A true family business, LuckyVitamin evolved from three generations of family dedicated to helping people lead healthy lives. It started in a pharmacy, transformed into a dynamic health foods store, and then exploded into an online movement.

In 1956, Ed Wolf opened a neighborhood pharmacy outside of Philadelphia, where he supported the community for more than 40 years as a pharmacist and wellness expert. In 1977, his son Gary took over the family business, but when his wife, Vicki, faced breast cancer in 1995, the couple became frustrated with the pharmaceutical industry and exited the drugstore business.

Passionate about natural wellness and alternative medicine, Gary and Vicki opened a local health and nutrition store and wellness center. In 2004, Gary’s son Sam offered to help expand the business by opening an online store, launching what is today LuckyVitamin. As the company grew, Sam’s brothers Sean and Jeremy joined the team as health product guru and in-house naturopathic doctor respectively.

LuckyVitamin is dedicated to empowering people to live healthier lives, as a supportive source for thousands of brand name wellness products at the most competitive prices online.

You can find just about anything you need for health and wellness:

  • natural products,
  • vitamins,
  • herbal supplements,
  • sports nutrition,
  • natural and organic foods,
  • beauty and skincare.

And in addition to offering one of the broadest online selections of health and wellness products, LuckyVitamin offers expert customer service through informative videos, blog posts, a health library, and an on-staff licensed naturopathic physician. It’s all about education and empowerment.

DIY living products by LuckyVitamin
Striving to bring good health to the masses, LuckyVitamin offers a huge variety of health and wellness DIY living products at an exceptional value.

Spread the wellness

Better beauty

For the homemade beauty guru, virgin coconut oil is one of the most popular ingredients. An amazing skin moisturizer with antiseptic effects, there’s even research that shows coconut oil applied topically may aid in exfoliating the outer layer of dead skin cells. Coconut oil can be used as a moisturizer, makeup remover, eye de-puffer and shaving cream, and it can even be found in shampoos and conditioners. LuckyVitamin sells 45 oz. containers of organic coconut oil for $21.35

Other popular beauty product bases available at great prices include natural shea butter, cocoa butter, and olive oil. These are common bases for an unlimited variety of lotions, balms, ointments, and scrubs.

Essential oils

DIY living made easier at LuckyVitamin - Essential Oils
Spoil Yourself with DIY living and Essential Oils from LuckyVitamin.

Essential oils are also abundant in recipes for beauty products and personal care products. From tea tree and frankincense to peppermint and citrus, the best bang for essential oils comes from buying quality diluted brands in larger quantities. 16 ounces of NOW Peppermint Oil for less than $45 could be enough to last a lifetime! You can even purchase glass bottles for storing and spraying your beauty, personal care, and cleaning products.


Many home remedies are made from simple ingredients like raw honey and apple cider vinegar. Healing spices offer the most punch bought in bulk, like turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, calendula, garlic, and neem.  Elderberry syrup is a common, but expensive, cold and flu remedy, leading many DIY-ers to cook up their own.

Green thumbs

Now you can even grow your own berries with the Sprout n’ Grow Greenhouse for only $7.69. Or try Sprouting Jars, the least expensive method of sprouting. With a one-quart mason jar like the Sprout-Ease Jar Seed Sprouter, you can grow up to one pound of Leafy Sprouts or two pounds of bean or grain sprouts per quart!

Even apartment dwellers can grow bountiful wheatgrass, radishes, and a wide array of green with Micro Greens Germination Seeds and Kits. Also designed for brown thumbs, Noted offers kitschy gardens in a box. But if you already know your way around a garden plot, organic seeds from Lake Valley Seed start at only $1.29 a pack.

DIY projects

If you are newly interested in pickling or probiotics, cool new gadgets for fun DIY living projects include Kombucha Brewing Kits, the Fermented Vegetable Master, the and the YoMagic Automagic Yogurt Maker. You can even dig into a Grow Your Own Mushroom Garden Kit or start brewing with the DIY Coldbrew Coffee Sock.

So now that you’ve got all your supplies, just add a bit of online tutorial and elbow grease and soon you’ll be saving more money than ever and be the envy of every crafter, canner, cook, and cosmetician!

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