Ah, the digital age. We are in such an exhilarating whirlwind of technology and digital development. New systems and products are unveiled what seems like every day. Yet even those with the resources to purchase the latest products have a difficult time keeping up with the consistent advances.

The Technology Gap

All of this exciting digital development can actually mean a digital divide. Without the means to keep up with technology, many are left in the dust when new tools to learn and communicate are only accessible through equipment they don’t have. As a result, some schools, individuals and nonprofits are missing out on important opportunities to grow.

Fortunately, they have someone on their team. InterConnection is a community-based nonprofit organization accepting donations of unwanted technology, like tablets and laptops. Instead of old gadgets getting thrown out and contributing to e-waste, they are refurbished, repurposed and sent around the globe through InterConnection. InterConnection sends items to low-income communities and schools that can use them to communicate and learn with the rest of the digital world.

InterConnection is based in Seattle, where they have a brick-and-mortar retail store selling refurbished technology. They accept used electronic donations at numerous hubs around the state and offer pick-up services to businesses nationwide. They also have a mail-in program for individuals who live elsewhere in the U.S. Donated electronics are refurbished and taken through a series of tests to ensure they are reliable and long-lasting before being sent to those in need.

New Ties

Donated computers make a huge difference in people’s lives. Photo: InterConnection

InterConnection has tapped into a need that is far greater than they can satisfy on their own — their valuable services are in demand in communities across the globe. To solve this problem, they have created a membership program through, providing an outlet for people to buy affordable green technology. At, nonprofits and low-income individuals can register to purchase a variety of affordable electronic items and Internet packages.

Get Involved

InterConnection accepts a wide array of donated technology to refurbish and redistribute. Photo: InterConnection

Through, InterConnection is able to serve more underprivileged communities than ever before. More and more people are gaining access to important technology. Whether a donation goes to a nonprofit focusing on environmental protection or an individual getting an education, this technology is making a difference.

Consider donating your used, but working, devices to InterConnection. Instead of collecting dust, your outdated computer could be another person’s key to prosperity.

Editor’s Note: Earth911 partners with many industries, manufacturers and organizations to support its Recycling Directory, the largest in the nation, which is provided to consumers at no cost. InterConnection is one of these partners.

By Lauren Murphy

Lauren has a B.S. in environmental science, a crafting addiction, and a love for all things Pacific Northwest. She writes from her cozy downtown apartment tucked in the very northwestern corner of the continental U.S. Lauren spends her time writing and focusing on a healthy, simple and sustainable lifestyle.