All too often urban development equals massive sprawl with the areas we frequent in our day-to-day living sprinkled far and wide.

EcoReco Frame
Photo credit – David Deason

Making public transportation make sense

Public transportation is intended to help connect those dots, but often falls short (pun intended) of getting us close enough to our desired destination. Enter the EcoReco Scooter.

This zippy little electric scooter has a top speed of 20 mph, and can travel up to 20 miles per charge. Best of all, it folds-up and can be carried like a suitcase!  No longer must you walk from the bus stop that’s still so uncomfortably far from your office, grocery store, or favorite watering hole.

You simply unfold the Eco Reco and glide with the power and ease of a 250W Hub motor to the places you want to be.  It’s fast, fun and sustainable!

Forget all those unnecessary miles on your car commuting, and the ridiculously high percentage of your paycheck flowing out your exhaust pipe on the freeway.  You can improve your carbon footprint and cash-flow!

The scooter is designed for high energy efficiency.  It has a 36V, 8 Ah LFP rechargeable battery capable of carrying you close to 500 miles for around $1.  In two hours the battery can gain an 80% charge; just plug it in while typing away on the keyboard, or sipping your favorite spirit with friends.

This scooter will more than pay for itself in no-time flat. Speaking of flats; you can avoid those too.

Two models, YouChoose

The Eco Reco has two models.  The M3 with front suspension only will set you back $999, but even with only a front-suspension it rides extremely well on any reasonably maintained road or sidewalk. The M5 has both front and rear suspension and costs $1250. The M5 provides a little more shock-absorption for the roadway or sidewalk infrastructure your tax money hasn’t quite reached yet.

I’ve personally taken it off-road on solid grass-covered ground at community and farmer’s markets, but it isn’t ideal for that terrain.

This very practical toy (yes, there is now such a thing) is available on Earth911’s new eco-friendly marketplace, the Earth911 Shop!  Give your car a break, and experience a commute that’s more like an adventure!

Here’s to feeling like a kid again!

EcoReco guage
Photo credit – David Deason


By Gabriel Killian

Gabriel Killian, Merchant Manager at Earth911’s YouChange marketplace, is passionate about supporting social-connection, environmental responsibility, and economic vitality through social entrepreneurship and sustainable business development. He is committed to promoting real change in lifestyle and consumption behavior, regularly working with social entrepreneurs in his spare time. His professional knowledge and expertise spans both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors. Killian also holds a Masters degree in International Sustainable Tourism.