Paris, France
Paris, France

Of course, I’m not going to tell you that vehicle exhaust isn’t a source of air pollution, but I will tell you that the average family car isn’t the main source in this country. Want to know the major culprits? That would be power plants, mining, factories, and big trucks. Those sources combined happen to cause more than two-thirds of the smog in major cities all over the world. Funny, you hardly hear a clamoring to shut factories down or banning Mac trucks from the roads. Heaven forbid that they can’t deliver my beaver butt juice flavored ice cream to my favorite store.

People are just jumping on the bandwagon and making autos the scapegoat for all of the air pollution. This trend of blaming autos has now hit an all-time low. Were you aware our friendly Parisians are now banning cars? Did I mention Parisians also happen to be cheese lovers? Ironic right?

Talk about the ultimate slam. That’s right, the French government has magnanimously decided that autos are the sole source of their current pollution problem in Paris. Their solution to combating air pollution … ban half the cars every day by using alternate driving days based on odd and even numbered license plates. Sacre bleu!

The point is that you can’t continue to bang on motorists, thinking that will make the air cleaner all by itself. Will it help? Sure, but getting my minivan off the road three days a week won’t fix it.

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