Photo: Isidore Electronics Recycling
Isidore Electronics Recycling is based out of the Chinatown district in L.A. Photo: Isidore Electronics Recycling

How It Works

Now based in the Chinatown district of Los Angeles, Isidore offers free pickups, certified data destruction, reselling services and customized e-waste solutions for all types of businesses and institutions.

Electronics that have no more use left in them are sent to the Isidore demanufacturing floor, where they are collected, weighed and sorted according to product type. All hard drives are immediately removed and secured.

Higher-grade materials, such as computers and power units, are dismantled by hand. The materials collected — such as metals, plastics, circuit boards and wire — are packaged and sold to certified processors, eventually being made into new goods.

Lower-grade components like printers and keyboards are sent to RIOS/R2 and e-Stewards certified downstream partners, where glass, plastics and miscellaneous electronic components are removed for recycling.

The company has recycled approximately 200 tons of e-waste since its inception in 2011 and made a life-changing difference for dozens of ex-inmates.

“Not only are we recovering value from these things that we are discarding from our society, but we are offering the people who are discarded from society the chance to feel valued, perhaps for the first time in their adult lives,” Stokes wrote in an op-ed for

For more information on how Isidore Electronics Recycling affects ex-inmates in Los Angeles, check out the video below.

By Mary Mazzoni

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