Watch: How Metal Gets Recycled

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Metal recycling is hot.

Steel is the most recycled material in North America, according to the Steel Recycling Institute, with more steel recycled than paper, aluminum, plastic and glass combined.

Aluminum can recycling rates are skyrocketing, having jumped from 58.1 percent in 2010 to 65.1 percent in 2011 with industry insiders shooting for a 75 percent recycling rate by 2015.

And market demands have been friendly to the scrap metal industry, keeping scrapyards in business and putting cash in entrepreneurial recyclers’ pockets.

But in a much more literal sense, metal recycling is hot – up to 2,800 degrees, according to a video entry in Recyclebank’s “The Cycle” series. The smelting process, in which metal is heated up and melted down for recycling, is crucial, simple and potentially dangerous – in other words, fodder for a perfectly entertaining video:

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