As temperatures soar higher, so does your air conditioning bill. Does it have to, though? The founders of Mistbox have developed a revolutionary technology that is cost effective, easy to install, and can make your air conditioning unit up to 40% more efficient in just five minutes.

Sounds too good to be true, you say? Not really.

Industrial settings have been using the process of evaporative cooling to keep their costs down for decades. Only now is the concept being introduced into homes, where energy savings can really add up in your household budget. After three years of testing and a successful Kickstarter campaign, the residential technology is ready to be utilized.

Mistbox Evaporative Cooling UnitMaking cooling cool again

Launched in June 2015, Mistbox attaches to the outdoor air conditioning unit and uses evaporative cooling techniques to cool the air surrounding the unit.

Evaporative cooling for machinery is like sweating for your body. When water evaporates, it can cool a person – or even a piece of equipment. Mistbox uses a fine mist of water around the air conditioning unit to cool the air when temperatures soar, so that your A/C unit doesn’t have to work as hard, which means less electricity use during the year.

During times of high heat – exactly when you want the air conditioning to be used more than normal – hot air surrounding your air conditioning unit is used to cool down the hot coils in the unit which contains hot refrigerant, which also needs to be cooled. So the condenser is working over time, using inefficient materials, to try to bring cool air into your home.

If you attach a solar powered Mistbox to your air conditioning unit, though, a fine mist of water will be sprayed when a boost of energy efficiency is needed. Sensors indicate temperature and weather conditions, among other variables, so that the Mistbox is only used when it can help improve the function of the air conditioning unit.

Unlike other energy efficiency improvements, Mistbox can be installed in minutes with just a screw driver, and needs no hard wiring or batteries.

This easy energy-efficient upgrade can net you savings of 20-40% off of your air conditioning costs of using older home units. Brand new high efficiency air conditioning units would probably not expect to see savings this high on their energy usage.

Mistbox AppThe cost of a Mistbox is less than $350 after a 30% Federal Green Tax Credit, so you could potentially recoup your investment in one season of use, with additional savings starting in year two.

Cost savings are obviously the main reason for installing Mistbox, and the company knows that you would like to be aware at how much energy you are saving.

An app is available that generates savings reports each month, based on your electricity usage, cost of power in your area and other personal variables.

Worried about water deposits using the Mistbox? Don’t be. The latest water treatment technology is used to guard against corrosion and scale.

Images courtesy of Mistbox.

By Kimberly Button

Kimberly Button is the author of The Everything Guide to a Healthy Home and the Editor-in-Chief of GetGreenBeWell , featuring modern, sane ideas for living a non-toxic life. A professional journalist for nearly two decades, Button has written for magazines such as Martha Stewart's Whole Living, American Airlines, AAA, Sierra, National Geographic Traveler, and Vegetarian Times. Visit KimButton.com for more information.