ByAlison Lueders

Mar 10, 2015

The wonders of water

Water is one of those wonderful things we take for granted. It comes out of the tap, falls out of the shower head, and is there to splash in at the beach or lake.

But in a world that is both warming and growing in population, water scarcity is an issue that both businesses and governments are grappling with now. Indeed at the latest World Economic Forum in Davos – the annual get-together for big business leaders – water scarcity topped the list of global risks for the first time.

Where there’s a risk, there’s a way


The good news is, where there’s a risk, there are dozens of companies ready to jump in and address it. One such up-and-coming company is GreenIQ, with their new “Smart Garden Hub.”

The Hub combines real-time sensors, computing power, and wireless communication in order to control irrigation scheduling – from the sprinklers in your yard to huge commercial watering systems – based on current and forecast weather.  According to GreenIQ’s calculations, this saves up to 50% on outdoor water consumption.

If you’ve ever seen your vacationing neighbors “automatically” water their lawn during a downpour, you understand the problem this solves. The Smart Garden Hub is a next-generation device that prevents this waste of water and money.

Irrigation with connected smarts

The Smart Garden Hub connects to the internet via Wi-Fi or 3G.  It can be controlled from anywhere at any time with an app that works on your iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone/tablet, PC, or Mac. And it produces reports showing just how much water and money you save.

The Smart Garden Hub also connects to many other smart devices and sensors, including soil moisture sensors such as Parrot’s Flower Power and Koubachi, and the Netatmo weather station or rain gauge. Additional sensors can save even more water.

Last but not least, the Smart Garden Hub can notify you of breaks in your irrigation pipes, and handle your yard lighting too.

Enjoy your green yard while protecting the planet

So continue to enjoy a healthy, green lawn and garden – while saving water and, of course, reducing your water bill. Even when you’re away, the Smart Garden Hub has got you covered. Major points to GreenIQ for this smart solution to a significant problem!


Images courtesy of GreenIQ LTD

By Alison Lueders

Alison Lueders is the Founder and Principal of Great Green Content - a green business certified by both Green America and the Green Business Bureau. She offers copywriting and content marketing services to businesses that are “going green.” Convinced that business can play a powerful and positive role in building a greener, more sustainable economy, she launched Great Green Content in 2011.