Less Waste, More Taste: 10 Mason Jar Recipes

Toasted Oat and Coconut Muesli

Photo: Joy Wilson, founder of www.joythebaker.com

Toasted Oat & Coconut Muesli

This perfectly portable adaptation of classic muesli — a traditional Swiss breakfast made with uncooked oats and dried fruit — features chai seeds, toasted coconut, and candied ginger for a sweet yet savory bite that might just change the way you think about breakfast.

“I was fully prepared to be completely “eh” on this whole muesli situation,” blogger and author Joy Wilson (who you may know as Joy the Baker) said of this recipe. “I didn’t think cold oats could surprise me, and yet … they totally did.”

For a super healthy —yet surprisingly satisfying — breakfast, simply prepare your muesli the night before, pop it in the refrigerator, and it will be ready to enjoy in the morning. Talk about a time-saver!

Fine the step-by-step instructions for toasted oat and coconut muesli at Joy the Baker.

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  1. Do not microwave anything! This sound like a great recipe but you throw it in the microwave and kill all the healthy enzymes! Yuck! Just bake it and it is much better

  2. Amy, you got that right! Threw my microwave out the door months ago! I don’t think there is an un-healthier way to cook than a microwave. Thus the term “NUKE IT!”

  3. Soy? A GMO cocktail! Meals in jar sound good but please start with some healthy ingredients and skip the nuke oven.

  4. After looking at this site have decide not for me. To much nuking and has any of you ever heard of Organic? I am sorry but not healthy eating in any shape of the word.

  5. The studies im finding point out that sometimes microwave preserves more nutrients, sometime conventional heating preserves more nutrients. Depending on the food mostly. Do you have any studies, tag808 or Amy, that show it killing important enzymes more often that conventional heating?

    Also: the term “nuke it” comes from the fact that a microwave uses low frequency radiation to heat food. Radiation is very vague term that basically just means energy (like light for example). But people love the negative connations of the word, and they love the negative connations of nuclear power, so why not lump it all together and have one giant negative connation that actually has very little connection. There is nothing “nuclear” about microwaves, not even remotely.

  6. O make my oatmeal in two minutes. I put some in a glass cereal bowl, rinse it with water (because one time I found a mouse dropping rolled to have the appearance of a black oat, but I carefully added a drop of H2O and there was NO mistaking it) pour off that water, repeat, then add filtered water to just above the top of the oats, toss in a handful of raisins, sometimes a little cinnamon/sugar. Shake the salt shaker at it, one shake, and microwave on high 2 minutes. While its cooking, I am doing something else, then, when I am ready, out of the micro it comes, add almond milk (or any milk) and I am eating. Lovely, hot cereal on a cold day, 2.5 minutes.

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