Crafts Made from Recycled Food Packaging

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Crafting with kids is a great way to get creative on lazy afternoons at home. By adding reused materials, you’ll not only make your projects cheaper (read: free), but also teach kids the value of reuse and recycling – ensuring our planet will have plenty of flag-raisers for generations to come. So, the next time the family is feeling crafty, try one of these 10 awesome projects made from food packaging and show the kids that recycling can be fun!

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Photo: Joel Henriques/Made by Joel

Classic Tin Can Telephone

Most of us have at least one cherished childhood memory involving a summer afternoon, a sibling and a tin can telephone.

If you want to pass those nostalgic, feel-good moments on to your little ones but can’t quite remember how to put the makeshift phones together, Joel Henriques of Made by Joel has you covered.

The designer, artist and father of two created this handy tutorial, complete with tips, photos and everything else you need to keep the tin can tradition alive.

Note: Do yourself a favor and make an extra telephone. You’ll probably want to play with this yourself!

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