ByEmerald Horizon

May 12, 2014

Bikini season is right around the corner, and this year, I’ve consciously pledged that I will no longer hide behind swim ponchos at the beach. Since now is the time to get skin-tee-er, I’ve been combing the net for the perfect diet. And you know what? I think I’ve found it! You’ve heard of vegan, vegetarian and even flexitarian diets, right? Yeah, I’m not doing any of those. I’m going to put you on to something new: the “demitarian” diet.

I know, I know – the last thing you and I need is another diet fad! We both know we need to eat healthier, exercise and make it a lifestyle – and we intend to actually do these things, but as they say, the road to Hades …

But – in all sincerity, I say this demitarian stuff may be the real deal. If you’ve considered cutting your fat and caloric intake without feeling like you’re really on a stricter diet, or maybe think you might want something to ease your transition from omnivore to something more plant-based, listen up.

Demitarianism is a close relative to flexitarianism, which emphasizes mostly-vegetarian eating. However, I consider demitarian eating way more flexible because it’s consciously designed to reduce your individual meat consumption in half. Now the motivation behind this movement is to practice conscious eating habits that promote environmental sustainability. So, as you can see, demitarian eating is lean, green and quite sexy, just like Demi Moore, and no, Demi is not included. (Sorry fellas.)

Now, breaking down the science of demitarian eating, let’s reference Professor Mark Sutton of the UK’s Centre for Ecology and Hydrology and co-author of the European Nitrogen Assessment Special Report on Nitrogen and Food. This report is the source of positive evidence that supports demitarian eating for an improved environment and personal health. The study proposed “halving the amount of animal products people eat in Europe” would not only make the EU healthier, but “cut climate emissions by at least a quarter”. Greenhouses gases and nitrogen pollution would improve and large areas of farmland would be freed for other uses, including “food exports or bio-energy.” Overall? “Europeans would lead healthier lives.”

Now, a full report hasn’t been released yet, but is due out sometime in May 2014. Nevertheless, don’t you think these findings are pretty impressive? Not only is there a nutritional eating system that has a marvelous influence on your appearance and energy, but it’s also good for the environment! In addition to slimming down a couple of dress sizes and experiencing the enhanced confidence that comes along with feeling sleek and svelte, you can feel as in control as one of Captain Planet’s proud Planeteers.

Considering IKEA’s horsemeat meatballs and other meatpacking industry scandals that uncover our sordid, carnal lust for meat, demitarianism seems an ideal compromise. You’re still eating meat, just chopping your intake in half, lowering your saturated fat intake and, by extension, your risk of cardiovascular disease. You’re increasing your plant intake, which is always good, and promoting a more sustainable agricultural system that has less of an impact on our planet.

… And, if you’ve ever failed at quitting meat cold turkey, demitarian eating isn’t as restrictive. You can give in to the allure of a braised lamb chop without feeling the need to punish yourself. (Go ahead and toss those self-flagellation devices out now!)

Okay, so again, if you’re interested in healthier eating that can help you slim down for summer (or in general) without feeling deeply restricted by cumbersome calorie counts and ridiculous food restrictions, perhaps consider practicing demitarian eating. It’s an awesome way to live. You’re like, almost vegetarian, except you get to eat lamb chops, New York strips, chicken wings…Darn I’m hungry again! *Tosses apple against the wall and storms out*

By Emerald Horizon

Ms. Emerald Horizon … how do you begin to describe her? As her name suggests, she’s as sparkly and as intriguing as her namesake. She’s a wild woman that’s rumored to run with the wolves, hide in different corners of the world, enjoy sushi and dance. Most of all, Emerald is fearless and passionate when it comes to expressing thought-provoking views to inspire better treatment of Mother Earth and her precious resources.​