ByAaron Styles

Jun 3, 2014


I know it will upset quite a few of you when I say this, but here it is … I love cheese … the smell of it … the texture … the taste of it … I LOVE cheese. Blue cheese, Swiss, Stilton, the list is as long as the aftertaste and bad breath. Both last long enough to make even my dog leave the room when I first pull the wrapper off something that looks like it was grown to cure cancer. The thin cracker, a thin slice of stilton and a glass of Port wine, the perfect ending to a meal, or something to clear the room when I want to watch Survivor without the constant interruption from the family.

Cheese has been with us since year one. We even have nursery rhymes about it with our little curd and whey-chomping Miss Muffet; it’s been a staple food forever. We have enjoyed it so long I think cheese was the best thing before we decided sliced bread was. So why am I writing this erotic description of my love for all things cheese? It’s easy … I just tried the orange American stuff, and to paraphrase … damn.

I did I say I liked cheese, right? I like cheese, real cheese. Nothing makes me want to vent an angry rant more than an advertisement from companies like Kraft Foods proudly touting milk in every slice, or lots of calcium. Now call me a complete moron, but isn’t cheese something that nature makes when we leave the milk outside too long? So what’s this orange crap in nice neat squares individually wrapped in plastic they’re slinging as cheese then? The ingredients list makes me think they are making a good Indian curry more than cheese, paprika; food-coloring, sorbic acids, the list is long and horrendous. In fact, most of this stuff has never been closer to a cow than Miss Muffet has.

It has no taste, no flavor and as much nutritional value as the “all beef hotdog” it’s generally sprinkled on. How did we allow these crap peddlers to convince us this is cheese? In fact it is so not cheese, even vegans should be able to eat it with a clear conscience.

It is no wonder we are a fat, lethargic, heart disease-infected pack of temporary Americans with a use-by date shorter than that of the cheese product proffered up. Mind you, if we continue to consume truck loads of the stuff at least when it kills us the embalmer won’t have to do much before the very early funeral these American fake foods will guarantee we have.

Do something good for yourselves, buy some real cheese. Make sure it’s from a producer that knows cattle enjoy the wide open spaces, where they get to eat grass every day, where they get to roam the plains where the deer and the antelope play, then seldom would be heard a discouraging word … about cheese or beef.

Do yourselves a very big favor, buy real cheese, yes it’s more expensive than the orange plastic stuff, want to know why? … IT’S CHEESE.

By Aaron Styles

A provocateur, and writer for more than 25 years, Aaron has simplified and humanized the complicated areas of politics, the environment and human interest issues. Skeptical by nature and anonymous by requirement, Aaron enjoys nothing more than getting the conversation started.