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I have the pleasure of working from home, which means my office was mine to create. Since we don’t have an extra room for my office, I get a tiny little corner of our living room. I love that I can use furniture that I already have to create my workspace. There are so many fun and creative ways that you can create an upcycled office space using things you may already have.

The main component of any office space is your desk. For my office, I used an antique drop leaf table that my Grandmother left me when she passed away. It’s a piece of furniture that is sentimental to me, but doesn’t really fit with our current style and doesn’t work in our kitchen. It does however, make the perfect work desk and can fold up nicely if we have guests coming over.

Here are a few other ideas for an upcycled, repurposed desk from around the web.

Armoires from A Diamond in the Stuff blog.


Filing Cabinets + Desktop (Wood/Glass/Etc)  from the Hometalk blog.


Cribs from Inspired by Familia blog.


Pallets from Scout Mob.

Pallet Desk

Doors from the Handy Father blog.


Barstools + wood or glass surface from Liz Marie blog.


Essentially, anything with a flat surface for your computer will work for a desk. Scour the thrift shops, flea markets, and antique stores for a really unique “desk” that will fit in your decor.

Another key element in an office space is storage. I personally have storage cube shelving like what you get at Ikea and Target, but there are endless ideas for upcycled office storage. You can reuse old drawers, filing cabinets, pallets, crates, bookshelves, suitcases, and baskets.


Finally, every good office needs a place to keep pens, pencils, and other small items you may use during the day. I use a variety of vessels to hold my stuff including mason jars, coffee mugs, old tin cans, and baskets.


How have you reused, upcycled, or repurposed items in your office space? 

Feature image courtesy of Nick Keppol

By Calley Pate

A self-described eco-junkie, Calley Pate is the owner and editor of The Eco Chic blog covering eco-friendly living, cloth diapers, parenting, photography, and life in general. Her passion growing up was the arts and the ocean. After working as an environmental contractor, Calley took the leap into blogging full time in 2011. Calley is also Marketing & Social Media Manager for Kelly’s Closet cloth diaper retailer.