Dish It Out: Eco-Friendly Tools for Washing Dishes

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A majority of people would much rather do almost anything else than wash dishes.  But, dishes don’t wash themselves and in many homes, dishes get washed every….single…day. This means that we go through a lot of dish soap, dishwasher detergent and dishwashing tools. Since dish water goes directly down the sewers and eventually back into the ground water, it’s important to make sure we choose soaps that are kind to the earth. The tools we use in the kitchen go into the landfill, so those should also be eco-friendly.

It’s equally important that we choose products that are kind to our bodies. Many dish soaps and dishwasher detergents are full of ingredients that can not only harm the earth, but harm our bodies when we come into contact with them. So these products should be both earth and human friendly.

UnSponge (Reusable Dishwashing Sponges)

Each UnSponge is made from remnants of terry cloth and cotton with an extra middle to add scrubbing power. Available at the Earth911 Store.

If you’re looking to green your dishwashing gear, here are some eco-friendly recommendations to consider.

UnSponge Reusable Sponges

The great thing about UnSponge Reusable Sponges is that you can simply throw them into your washing machine or dishwasher when they get dirty. Then you can use them over and over instead of tossing them into the trash.

Full Circle R Bottle Brush

Washing reusable water bottles can be a pesky task. The Full Circle R Bottle Brush makes the task much easier with its comfortable handle and scrubbing bristles. This eco-friendly dish brush is a must have in any kitchen.

Be Good Dish Brush

Instead of an entirely plastic design, the Be Good Dish Brush features a sustainable bamboo handle and a recycled plastic brush.

Honest Dish Soap

This plant-based, eco-friendly dish soap from Honest Company easily penetrates grease, grime, gunk and icky-sticky, caked on messes. It’s ultra-concentrated and extra sudsy.

Honest Company Dishwasher Packs

The Honest Company’s Dishwasher Packs unique plant and mineral-based ingredients brilliantly clean your plates, glassware, cutlery, and bakeware.

Dishwasher Packs

The mineral and plant-based dishwasher packs from Honest Company perform double duty by cleaning and degreasing dishes so they’re shiny clean.

Dishwasher Gel

This plant-based dishwasher gel from Honest Company leaves nothing behind but clean dishes. It contains no harsh chemicals and it’s natural, non-toxic, biodegradable and septic tank and gray water system safe.

Those dishes aren’t going to wash themselves. So go ahead, tackle that grease with a little elbow grease and these eco-friendly dishwashing products.

Do you use eco friendly dish soap and an eco-friendly dish brush?

Feature image courtesy of David Goehring

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