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Over 1 trillion LEGO bricks have been manufactured since the mid-1950s when the company began using ABS plastic, which most curbside recycling programs do not accept. It’s time for reuse with a LEGO touch. Enter Brick Recycler, an innovative initiative dedicated to repurposing and recycling LEGO pieces, effectively diverting them from landfills and reintegrating them into cycles of play and learning. 

LEGO produces more than 60 billion new LEGO bricks, which means hundreds of billions of unused LEGO pieces lie in storage or contribute to the increasing pile in landfills. Brick Recycler invites individuals to donate their unused LEGO bricks by mail. The bricks are sorted and redistributed to extend the lifecycle of LEGO pieces, making them accessible to children and educational programs nationwide, which benefit from their durability.

Why Regular Recycling Centers Can’t Handle LEGO Bricks

LEGO bricks pose a unique recycling challenge. Composed of ABS plastic, rubber, and, sometimes, electrical components, they are seldom accepted by traditional curbside recycling centers in major U.S. cities. Many thrift stores need more staffing to sort mixed brick collections, so they are often discarded. 

Brick Recycler can handle and sort all LEGO donations, partnering with numerous charities to distribute millions of LEGO pieces to foster homes, children’s groups, orphanages, at-risk youth programs, schools, and artists. Through these partnerships, the organization ensures that the educational and creative value of LEGO bricks is not only preserved but also extended to underprivileged groups and developing regions. 

“Brick Recycler’s support has greatly assisted me in counseling students who have experienced significant life challenges,” said Odile Smith, M.A., Ed.S., a school psychologist. “The donations provide these children with crucial resources, helping them to thrive educationally and making our community a better place.”

How You Can Help

If your LEGO collection is gathering dust or you’ve outgrown it, consider donating it instead of relegating it to the attic or the waste bin. The current address for sending donations is always available on the Brick Recycler website. Donating can clear up space at home and contribute to a sustainable future.

The mailing address for donation is Brick Recycler, 2496 Wyandotte Street, Mountain View, CA, 94043. It provides a pre-paid mailing label for the suggested donation of $25 per box. Visit Brick Recycler to learn more

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