ByChase Ezell

Nov 7, 2014

Air-pruning and root-trapping technology.  Sounds almost space age, doesn’t it? Well, in the case of BloemBagz, these features are actually rooted in earth-friendly design.  Yes, urban gardening is about to get much more colorful!

Organic Growth

In 2011, after returning from living abroad, Austin West set to develop an easy-to-use, functional gardening pot.  West by his own admission at the time was no green thumb. With the help of a few friends who are, West and his partners traveled the country for the next two years showcasing their ideas at farmer’s markets and garden shows.

Feedback from those experiences was woven (almost literally) into each new prototype – prototypes that were limited in quantity to minimize waste footprint. Less is more is key to BloemBagz design. The then prototypes even won two ‘Most Innovative Product of the Year‘ awards. Success was beginning to take root.

Sustainable Gardening

Let’s start off with what makes BloemBagz both unique and eco-friendly.

  1. Made out of recycled plastic bottles; one bag, on average, is made from five to ten 20-ounce bottles
  2. Patented design; double layered
  3. Durable handles make each piece infinitely transportable – indoor, outdoor, hanging from the door frame, you name it
  4. State of the art vent system allows mother nature to do her thing; ventilation and draining
  5. UV protection blocks out effects of sun degradation. No more unsightly faded, cracked ceramic pots
  6. Machine washable – no joke.
  7. Folds easily for quick, off season storage
  8. Compact design; no need for a full scale garden outside
  9. Bright, fun colors

Bloombagz come in a variety of sizes and offerings. While the names of each planter are appropriate – herb, mini herb, strawberry, potato, raised bed – they almost do not do each piece justice.  The strawberry and potato planters are super cool – almost like a science experiment in a bag.

Strawberry Planter
Strawberry Planter

How cool would it be to grow strawberries or potatoes right outside your home and then be able to move the ‘garden’ into your kitchen area for food prep.  Talk about fresh.  Farm to kitchen?  More like patio to plate.

Potato Planter
Potato Planter

As you can see by the designs, each piece is virtually a conversation starter.  West even goes so far as to describe the designs as ‘sexy’.  Cheeky.

Water Smart

They even offer a water bottle ‘sitter’ or self watering system that, when filled with water of course, waters your plants for you at the appropriate pace. No more over watering.

Rather than try and create a feeder system out of plastic, BloemBagz designed it so that it utilized a re-used plastic bottle. No cumbersome pumps, or the need to be powered by draining electricity.

Bloombagz water system

Exemplified by one of their mottos – grow without a green thumb – BloemBagz make gardening almost fool proof.

By Chase Ezell

Chase has served in various public relations, communications and sustainability roles. He is a former managing editor for