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I remember how much we loved Fulton Street in downtown Brooklyn when I was growing up. You could get just about anything that you wanted from the family-owned stores that lined the street. It was all within walking distance from our home.

There was a candy store owned by a stern woman named Belle, a bakery, a deli, a toy store, and even a bowling alley. When we didn’t need to buy anything, it was fun to take a walk down the avenue to window shop and then stop off for a slice of pizza or an egg cream at the ice cream parlor.

When I got older and we moved to Queens, Jamaica Avenue became our main street. And just like when we strolled down Fulton Street in Brooklyn, we didn’t have to drive or find parking in order to access the shops and restaurants on Jamaica Avenue. We just needed to take a walk.

In fact, I found everything that I needed for my wedding on that avenue. There was a bridal shop and a jewelry store. And not far away was the church where I got married and the best Italian restaurant in the neighborhood for our reception. We always shopped locally for all of our needs, big and small. We didn’t think of driving into the city or to Long Island. There was always some shop close to home that had what we needed.

Another thing that I loved about shopping on the avenue was how the shop displays changed with the seasons. It was as though commerce had seasons that reflected nature. The springtime displays of Easter breads in the bakeries changed to barbecue equipment for sale in the summer, back-to-school displays in the fall, and holiday decorations in December.

Sadly, our main streets aren’t what they used to be. 99-Cent Stores and other national chain stores have replaced a lot of those old shops — and diminished the local character. But I still find some really cool places nearby when I take a walk.

By exploring our local neighborhood or nearby town we can support local businesses, save gasoline, and avoid the hassle of parking. You might be happily surprised by what you find. And the walk is so good for us!

Joanna, the Green Maven

About the Author

Joanna Lacey lives in New York and has collected thousands of ideas from the frugal habits of her mother and grandmother. You can find her on Facebook at Joanna the Green Maven.


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