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You are in search of the perfect gift for a friend who values sustainability and eco-friendly practices just as much as you do. This can be a difficult pursuit as many products found at popular retailers are manufactured using wasteful and environmentally harmful methods. Luckily, there are some gift options that are either made in sustainable ways and can be used as tools for a hobby or provide an environmentally friendly service in and of itself.

Here are seven unique and fun gift ideas for those in your life who deeply care about environmental responsibility:

For the Gardener

Every good gardener knows the economical and environmental benefits of compost incorporation into soil. A compost container is a wonderful gift that will support a bountiful and blossoming garden. A high-quality, stainless steel compost container will serve as the middle man that holds the food scraps before they’re transported outside.

  • The Natural Home stainless steel compost bin will hold up to 1.8 gallons of compost and is designed for fruit fly prevention.
  • Another useful compost-related gift is the outdoor Worm Factory 360 Composter, which easily and efficiently converts food scraps and waste into nutrient rich, organic fertilizer. The worms included in this kit can consume five to eight pounds of compost each week. The worm factory prevents any compost odors from escaping the operation and includes a 10-year warranty.

For the Chef

Bamboo cutting board
Image courtesy of Isaac Wedin.

If you know someone who loves the culinary art, support their passion with sustainable and eco-friendly cooking tools. Bamboo cutting boards of all sizes make wonderful gifts. They are both beautiful and sustainable. Bamboo, unlike wood, is a grass that doesn’t require replanting and can be harvested every three to five years. Bamboo boards are a rich golden brown grain that are comparable to the rustic and refined aesthetics of wood cutting boards. Bamboo boards are dense and have an increased resistance against knife scarring, unlike maple boards, which lessens the accumulation of bacteria and enhances its water resistance. You can also treat your friend with a recycled grow bottle for growing herbs on their kitchen window sill. It is an attractive and functional addition to any cook’s kitchen.

For the Host

Gift your dinner party host or a friend who has offered you an accommodating stay a small token that will show them your gratitude. Flowers are always a welcome and wonderful gift, as they bring color and joy into the home.You can shop and design bouquets online at FTD, where they source and sell USDA Organic and Fair Trade flowers. A bottle of wine from a vineyard associated with the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance is another small gift that will help thank your host. Many natural food stores and co-op markets sell organic or biodynamic wine from your region that is SIP (sustainability in practice) certified.

For Kids

Most children want a pet, however few can manage the upkeep and overall load of pet care responsibilities. The Water Garden is the perfect gift for a child — it is a self-cleaning fish tank that also grows food. The waste created by the fish is pumped up to the plant life, then broken down into nutrient compounds that will support plant growth. After the filtering and cleansing process, the clean water cycles back into the fish tank. An aquaponic system is utilized for this sustainable method of aquaculture and hydroponics, which fully utilizes the fish’s ammonia-rich waste.

This gift will allow the child a new pet and also help teach them about fascinating and sustainable plant-growing techniques. The kit includes the fish tank and gravel, organic seeds and grow stones, natural fertilizer, fish food, a water pump and a coupon for a betta fish. Water Garden recommends a large male betta fish for the habitat, though others may be chosen through consultation with a pet store.

Content courtesy of SocialMonsters. Feature image courtesy of Bert Heymans.

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