5 Ways to Reuse Holiday Cards


Be honest: How large is the holiday card mountain on your kitchen table? We’re guessing it rivals Everest by now, and you’re certainly not alone.

Holiday cards tend to pile up this time of year, and while it seems a shame to toss them in the trash, it can be tough to figure out what to do with them. Give a nod to your loved ones’ kindness by turning those cards into something useful rather than trashing them or tossing them in a box.

Photo: Mike/Atomic Shrimp

Photo: Mike/Atomic Shrimp

1. Upcycled gift box

This creative idea from Atomic Shrimp blogger Mike makes use of all those cards and prevents future holiday waste with an upcycled gift-wrapping solution.

Creating your own gift box may seem complicated, but Mike makes it look surprisingly easy. Just a few snips and folds, and your box will be ready for gift-giving.

For step-by-step instructions on how to make these yourself, head to Atomic Shrimp.

2. Holiday card ornament and alternative wreath

These two simple projects from CafeMom Studios will help you deck the halls with your upcycled cards — saving money and adding a personal flair to your seasonal décor.

The crafty moms will show you how to complete both projects in one YouTube tutorial, and, despite the chic results, both items are super easy to make.

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