Apr 23, 2021
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So many of us want to explore the beauty of the world, but much of our travel is built around emissions-maximizing luxury that spoils the very natural wonders that we hope to see. A better way to travel is to minimize our vacation’s impact by using public transportation, supporting local businesses, and knowing the best-kept secrets. The key to finding those: speaking to people in their own language! Get ready for your next adventure with a lifetime subscription to language learning software Babbel, which is on sale for only $199 (reg. $499), or boost your savings by purchasing two for $358 (reg. $998).

Go beyond the basics with Babbel’s advanced levels and bite-sized lessons that let you pick up the essentials of 14 languages. Babbel will make sure you’re confident in small talk so you can track down the best local food on your next vacation. Order ceviche and sancochos like a native with Babbel’s voice-recognition software and tailored Spanish language lessons.

The minds behind Babbel have clearly spent time crafting a language-learning program that’s unique to each language. When you learn with Babbel, you learn words and phrases you’ll actually use as a beginner in your new tongue.” –PC Mag

Sure, you could see the usual tourist hangouts in Italy, but when you’re looking for a getaway that doesn’t support an emissions-belching tourism-industrial complex, you’ll want to find the local paradises. Don’t worry if you go out of signal range, with Babbel’s offline mode, you can access all your lessons and courses no matter where you are.

Be sure to share your experiences with a friend for a better time! You can get Babbel for you and a friend for $358, and make some unforgettable vacation memories.

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